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Leadership Team

We are a global pet-loving team of licensed veterinarians, writers, researchers and product reviewers. We value each other’s input and we value the information we provide to each and every visitor to our website.

Chief Editor & CEO
Mohsin (Team Lead)
Licensed Veterinarian (Pets, Exotics & Wild Animals)
Abhishek (Team Lead)
Product Research & Testing
Muhammad (Team Lead)
SEO/Content Specialist
PmAAngu (Team Lead)
Graphics Department
Akram (Team Lead)
Website Operations & Maintenance

Core Values


“To empower busy pet parents with the knowledge and guidance to create the best experience for themand their marvelous pets by enabling them to make smarter decisions while having fun.”


Our Article Categories

We believe in making things as simple as possible for ourselves and our readers. As such our articles fall into one of five categories. The category type is indicated just above the heading of each of our articles.

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