ethical places to adopt pets

Adopt, Don’t Shop: Finding Ethical Places to Adopt Pets

According to the World Animal Foundation, the majority of people buy their pets from animal breeders. This is especially true of dogs, with only 23% of all dog owners saying they adopted ...
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adopting a ferret
The Top 9 Most Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Ferret
There are over 300,000 pet ferrets living in the United States. They’re one of the most popular types of exotic pets, and that’s for good reason. ...
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12 Things to Know About Getting a Ferret for Your Home
Are you considering getting a new furry friend for your home? Consider a delightful and mischievous ferret. These playful creatures are known for their curious nature ...
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temperature for a corn snake
What Is the Best Temperature for a Corn Snake?
Around 90 million U.S. households have some sort of pet. Many of those families have cats or dogs. But if you have a fur allergy, ...
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A Guide to Chinchilla Diet and Nutrition
Most people keep cats, dogs, or even fish, but you’ll occasionally find someone with an unusual house pet. Nine million households in the US keep exotic ...
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