The 11 Best Exotic Pets of 2023

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    best exotic pets

    Adding a pet to the family can bring happiness, youth, and curiosity back into the home. 

    Many people assume they must choose between a dog, cat, or fish for their families, while the rest get overlooked. There are a variety of small pets that can be house-trained and many of them live just as long as traditional pets. 

    If you’re interested in getting the best exotic pets, you need to know which kind will be most comfortable under your care. Take a look at the following list and start searching for your companion!  

    1. Chinchilla

    It’s hard to not fall in love with a small rounded body, big and pointy ears, and the sweetest face. 

    Chinchillas are one of the best exotic pets because they are playful, adorable, and loving. These little rodents are great for families or adults who want a companion who is always ready to cuddle. Although they might be shy at first, they open up to their caregivers after building a bond. 

    Since Chinchilla can have a sensitive digestive system, you want to ensure you’re feeding them the right diet. Finding a balanced diet, giving love, and keeping your chinchilla active will lengthen their lifespan and help them be happier. 

    What makes these pets so amazing is that they can live up to two decades! These soft little creatures will warm your heart and home if you choose to adopt. 

    2. Ferret

    If you’re looking for a long-term pet, but don’t have the space for a dog, ferrets are ideal.

    Ferrets are small pets, which makes them perfect for most homeowners. Although they are skinny and little, they are loaded with energy and perfect with kids. 

    Learning more information about ferrets will help you give them a stable and loving home. We break down the basics of living with ferrets so you aren’t surprised. Since they can live up to 10 years, you need to be prepared for how it will impact your lifestyle or family. 

    Ferrets are highly recommended for their playful demeanor and curiosity. You can play with them or simply watch them follow their instincts in a new environment. It’s important to know that ferrets can get lonely, so if you won’t be around them often, it might be beneficial to get two. 

    With a safe and enclosed cage, your ferrets can make themselves comfortable. Cleaning the cage and bathing the ferret will need to be done regulalry.

    Although your ferret might get curious about your food, you should never feed them something outside of their diet. Our team has a selection of safe food recommendations for your furry little pet. 

    3. Rabbit

    If your children are old enough to understand how to handle pets gently, you’re ready for a rabbit.

    Rabbits make wonderful pets because they are playful and interested in building bonds. With a gentle touch, rabbits can thrive in a home environment and they also love to go outside and take walks. A lot of research is recommended before adopting a rabbit since they live a long life and need to stay mentally and physically active. 

    When your rabbit isn’t munching on its favorite foods, they will rub their chin against you. This is their way of showing affection and cuddling. 

    4. Snake

    As long as you don’t fall within the three percent of Americans with snake phobias, you can consider this option.

    Snakes require an exotic pet habitat, but they don’t go outside of it unless you take them out. It may seem unlikely, but snakes make wonderful companions and don’t require a lot of work. Not only can you skip bath time, but you also don’t have to spend hours taking them on walks or petting them each week. 

    Before you buy a snake, you should always talk to other people in the house first. Snakes can be a difficult animal to be around and some family members or other pets might not be safe. Understanding the risks and stresses of pet snakes will help everyone stay protected. 

    5. Hamster 

    Hamsters are often the “starter” pet for many families.

    This is the first pet parents often get their children because they are social and easy to care for. Not only does it help teach people that a bond can be made with even the smallest creatures, but it also helps them prepare for other animals. 

    If you want to help your family and hamster adjust, you can view our pet parent articles for help. As research and trends arise, we will update you on the most effective parenting strategies!

    6. Mouse

    Most people run in the opposite direction of mice, but did you know they can make great pets?

    These low-maintenance rodents love to live in pairs, where they can eat, play, and sleep with a companion. Since mice don’t like to be held until a strong bond is developed, you don’t want to rush interacting with them. 

    Mice make perfect pets for adults who work or travel a lot. If you still want to own a pet but can’t keep up with others, this is an excellent option. 

    7. Hedgehog

    Various factors are contributing to a decline in hedgehog populations in the US and UK. 

    Some states and areas have prohibited owning a hedgehog, while others see the value of domesticating them. Hedgehogs have a better chance of survival if they are well taken care of and kept in a safe environment, free of predators. After obtaining a permit, you can adopt a hedgehog and enjoy their playful attitude. 

    This small pet is low-maintenance and is primarily solitary. Hedgehogs will offer cuddles and get playful as they build trust with you. Give your little hedgehog time and patience as they adapt to new surroundings.

    Unfortunately, some people are gifted or buy a hedgehog on impulse, without understanding their needs. After attempts of playing and trying to pet them, they are often rehomed. You can avoid this by letting them adjust and respecting their boundaries. 

    If you’re looking for a companion who is always around, but you don’t need to take outside, this is the perfect option. 

    8. Guinea Pig

    Some rodents are too small, which makes guinea pigs an excellent option. 

    Guinea pigs are social and affectionate. They are the perfect household pet because they are low-maintenance and don’t require daily walks outside. Since they are larger than a hamster, mouse, or gerbil, you don’t have to worry as much about young kids. 

    If you adopt a guinea pig, you need to ensure they have a large enough cage. Luckily, you can get creative with smaller environments, and they can still be comfortable in apartments. 

    9. Degu 

    If guinea pigs, hamsters, and gerbils aren’t a good fit for your home, you should consider getting a degu.

    Degus make excellent pets for older children and adults because they have a long life and are relatively low-maintenance. They look comparable to a gerbil, but it’s more than double the size and the lifespan is longer.  A degu is a part of the rodent family, but unlike some species, they are social and love to talk. 

    Before you buy your first degu, you must understand the local laws. Deleware residents must apply for an exotic animal permit to ensure it follows the Department’s Animal Section. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have issues getting a degu since they are small and relatives of chinchillas and guinea pigs! 

    When compared against other exotic animals, degus are one of the most affordable options. You can grow your family with one of these sweet little creatures! As long as you don’t live in California, Connecticut, or Utah, you should be able to adopt one. 

    10. Gecko

    House geckos are becoming more popular as people discover the joys of caring for them. 

    Geckos make fun pets if you’re interested in reptiles, but don’t want to get a snake. These little, four-legged reptiles loved to be touched and handled, unlike many of their close relatives. As long as you’re gentle, they shouldn’t get stressed when you and your kids interact with them. 

    Unless you have a consistently, warm sunroom, you’ll need some extra supplies for this pet. Heaters, special equipment, and a special diet are necessary for their survival. 

    11. Exotic Shorthair Cats 

    Exotic shorthair cats tend to be more affectionate and sweet when compared to other breeds. 

    Their temperament works well in most households, even with children. They might appear quiet and fearful, but they still get curious about their surroundings. Once your cat knows they are safe in your presence, their personality will show and they’ll become more playful. 

    Our site provides numerous resources to help you care for your shorthair cat. Take advantage of the info and watch them thrive!

    Fill Your Home with the Best Exotic Pets 

    Everyone claims to have the best exotic pets, which can make it difficult to find the most suitable choice for your household. 

    Non-traditional pets come in all sizes and personalities. Considering your lifestyle and interests can help you find which pet would be the best to take home and the easiest to bond with. Since each person’s home varies, you don’t want to go with an option just because everyone else has. 

    If you need to get your new exotic pet comfortable at home, check out our blog for food and caretaking resources! 


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