The Benefits of a Grain-Free Diet for Your Dog

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    grain-free diet

    All a dog parent wants is for their canine friend to live a happy and healthy life. You may be feeding your dog the recommended amount every day, but is it a healthy diet?

    Your dog’s diet plays a crucial role in their health. Dog food ingredients differ in content and benefits. If you want your dog to have a sustainable, consider going grain-free.

    Instead of rice, wheat, or corn, a grain-free diet consists of vegetables, legumes, and meat. Your dog gets their carbohydrates from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas. Read on to learn how your dog can benefit from a grain-free diet.

    Better Digestive System

    Did you know that dogs struggle to digest grains? Canine saliva lacks the enzyme amylase, which breaks starches and carbohydrates.

    Carbohydrates are present in all types of grains. Although it energizes them, dogs cannot absorb food with high carbohydrate content. Excessive consumption of carbs can result in gastroenteritis and bowel irregularities.

    Check the dog food you feed your canine friend. If the diet includes grains, observe how their body reacts to it. Most dogs develop rashes and get bloated because of grain intake.

    For a better digestive system, switch to a grain-free diet. It consists of easy-to-digest carbohydrates and dietary fiber, offering nutritional benefits. Moreover, letting your dog eat legumes, potatoes, or sweet potatoes can ease the pain.

    Increases Energy Level

    While regular dog food may be more affordable, it often contains enriched, processed grains. It has no nutritional content left because of the production process. If you are feeding your dog this food, notice how their energy depletes fast.

    To better understand, consider the following example.

    Have you ever tried taking a bowl of whole-grain cereal for breakfast? It can make you feel full because of the fiber it contains. It’ll give you some energy, but after a few hours, exhaustion will catch up with you.

    This is because your body consumes these low-quality carbohydrates quickly. Because it’s easy to break them down, your body digests and absorbs the nutrients in a short time.

    The same logic applies to you feeding your dog with grain-inclusive food. It is energetic in a minute, then passive in a second. When this happens, your dog’s blood sugar level falls.

    You can avoid having this problem with grain-free dog food. Instead of low-quality carbohydrates, they are rich in protein. This enables them to maintain their blood sugar level and gives them lasting energy.

    Offers a Special Formula

    Though dogs struggle to absorb carbohydrates, your dog still needs them. Like humans, dogs rely on protein, fat, and carbs to get energy for the day.
    If you need dog food with the appropriate nutrients, try grain-free products.

    Dog food businesses are constantly cycling out new and healthier formulas. They look for replacements or alternatives for grains they used before.

    Manufacturers maintain the required carbohydrate level in dog food but eliminate grain. They ensure the formula provides better nutrition to dogs.

    Some alternative ingredients are potatoes, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and quinoa. They offer better effects than grains. In addition, grain-free dog food provides omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit your dog’s skin.

    Provide Better Nutrients

    Grain-inclusive dog food is a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, as mentioned prior, its high carbohydrate content can harm a canine’s digestive system. On the other hand, enriched, processed grains and grain-free products offer better nutrients.

    Manufacturers try to balance protein, fat, and carbohydrates into grain-free products. If you switch your dog’s diet, they enjoy more nutritional content in their food.

    For instance, protein supplies your dog with amino acids. The organic compounds contribute to building healthy hair, skin, and muscles. This can make your dog’s coat shinier and improve its overall well-being.

    Aside from being digestible, fat gives your dog enough energy and insulation cushioning. It allows your dog to retain sufficient energy levels throughout the day. Moreover, it keeps the body warm and protects the organs from harm.

    Considering all the nutrients it can give, there’s no wonder many pet owners have changed to this diet. A report claims that grain-free food takes up 44% of the pet food market. However, expect it to be more expensive than the grain-inclusive products.

    Improves Coat and Skin

    Did you know a grain-free diet can improve your dog’s coat and skin? One of the reasons to switch from a grain-inclusive to a grain-free diet is its effects on the skin. Unlike the former, businesses developed the latter with the dog’s health in mind.

    Consuming low-carb vegetables, fruits, and meat offer more nutrients than grains. Aside from vitamins and minerals, it also provides omega-3 fatty acids, which help your dog produce more oil.

    The natural oils produced in your pet’s skin keep its coat and skin healthy. They spread from the skin to the follicle, strengthening the fur. It prevents it from becoming fragile and breaking off.

    If your dog has itchy and flaky skin, consider changing its grain-inclusive diet. Remember, this does not come with omega-3 fatty acids. With the lack of essential oils, the coat and skin of your pet can look less glossy and dull.

    Reduces the Risk of Allergy

    Regardless of breed and background, allergies are common in dogs. One of the causes is the food they consume, such as grains. Like humans, your canine can show allergy symptoms.

    Some dogs are allergic to grains. When feeding your dog with grain, observe how their body reacts. Having them suffer from diarrhea, constipation, or skin rash confirms their allergy.

    If this is the case, change your dog’s diet. Among the different diets, going grain-free is one of the best options. You can guarantee the food ingredients are of high quality, delivering the nutrients your dog needs.

    Improve Bad Breath

    All dog parents love their fur babies, but they can all agree that doggy breath is one of the less fun parts of having a dog. Having awful breath is another common thing for dogs. Plaque and tartar build-up often cause halitosis in them.

    Among the food you feed your canine, grain products tend to leave a film over their teeth. It allows bacteria to live and thrive inside the mouth. Failing to brush your dog’s teeth can cause a poor smell.

    Aside from brushing their teeth, choosing grain-free products can reduce the terrible odor. Grain-free dog food leaves little to no film on the teeth. Thanks to this, your dog’s mouth will not produce as much bacteria.

    If your dog continues to have bad breath after switching to grain-free dog food, consider a trip to the vet. Bad breath can suggest underlying health problems, such as digestive issues. High carbohydrate intake can harm your dog’s stomach.

    Low Flatulence and Small Stool

    Another benefit of switching your dog’s diet to grain-free is it lowers flatulence. Flatulence is gas passing from the digestive system to its end passage. In most cases, you can associate your canine’s flatulence with their diet.

    Except for rice, most types of grains can cause flatulence in your dog. Wheat, oats, and other grains contain fiber, starch, and raffinose, which the bacteria break down. Aside from this, this process produces gas inside.

    When the gas cannot go out of their system, it can cause pain in the stomach. If it persists, it can lead to severe digestive problems. To reduce flatulence, remove grain from your dog’s diet.

    Most grain-free products have probiotics, which are microorganisms that can relieve flatulence.

    Moreover, choosing this diet can reduce the size of your dog’s stool. With fewer carbohydrates, your canine can digest and absorb the food better. Thus, making their stool less and small.

    Unlike grains, it’s hard for the digestive system to break them down. It results in food waste clumping together. When the body excretes them, they tend to be larger.

    Good for Pregnant Dogs

    Pregnant dogs thrive when eating a grain-free diet. Because its body undergoes stress from keeping the puppies healthy, they need more energy.
    Between grains and grain-free products, the latter can give the energy its body needs.

    From carbohydrates to fats, pregnant dogs can benefit from a grain-free diet. Moreover, grain-free products offer more nutrients that your canine needs to live.

    Switch to Grain-Free Diet Today

    Like humans, a dog’s diet comes with many demands. They can have allergies, intolerances, and preferences for their food. If you want your dog to have more energy, a shinier coat, and healthier digestion, try switching to a grain-free diet.

    Feed your dog right with Pet Marvelous. We set out to find the best dog foods for every breed, age, and diet. Check out our blog to get the scoop on pet food brands and which is right for your furry best friend!


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